Case Study: Coinbase San Francisco

This San Francisco office was the first opportunity for Coinbase to design a space to truly reflect their culture. They wanted a space that accommodated all types of work postures while maintaining a fun yet “financial” design aesthetic.

The design team took an analog approach to the virtual currency that the Coinbase platform represents and based the palette on foreign currencies.

Workstations were accommodated in “neighborhoods,” each with their own character, amenities, collaboration zones, and focus areas. Each ‘neighborhood’ was defined by color and adjacent to clear circulation zones leading to common areas such as main conference areas, breakroom, game room, and all-hands space.

Coinbase chose the Powerbx ICON LED Wall Mount in black for the iPad Mini 4  and the Powerbx ICON LED Door Mount in black for the iPad Mini 4 for their headquarters in San Francisco. Coinbase runs Teem's meeting room and conference room booking software to help their employees work efficiently.

We are proud to have Coinbase as a customer for this beautiful office space and others. We are also proud to be the preferred hardware solution for Teem, to help their clients develop office management and  to intelligently manage their companies.

(Source: Office Snapshots)

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